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Monday, 22 December, 2008

Posting about: Current reading and writing / Blog idea / Randomness

Reading Negotiating With the Dead, finally. Working in a library is dangerous. My bedside table ‘To Read’ book pile is already twice the height it was before I started work.

Knocked out a bit of a short story while sat in Morrison’s cafe the other day, got me thinking about all kinds of other things I could write in similar style and on similar themes. Added ‘write 101 pieces of short fiction’ to my list soon afterwards because really, why wasn’t it already on there?

– – –

Went to see Twilight the other day for some reason and spent the trailers bullet-pointing notes for a blog post on the theme of watching the film in a sea of oestrogen-happy teenagers and Miscellaneous Other People, sitting between a girl with restless leg syndrome and a woman in her forties who “just loves it so much, so much, it’s amazing, oh god, I love it”.

Then I remembered I haven’t got a blog. Not one that’s not supposed to be about writing. Thought maybe I should start one. Then thought I could use this one. So that might happen here, I might start randomly blogging here on non-writing topics. Maybe.

I suppose to keep the post on-topic I could have segued into musing about writerly types and how the author of Twilight bugged the hell out of me in a print interview the other week by using the phrase “sometimes [my children] remind me of chimpanzees on crack”. Because no, no they don’t remind you of chimpanzees on crack, because not only have you never seen chimpanzees on crack but the whole “[thing] on crack” phrase is so tired, and the “sometimes” that you inserted into that sentence is so clumsy, that I am now absolutely certain that you have no skill or value as a writer whatsoever and I am right to be avoiding your books and seeing the film instead. Even if you didn’t actually say it like that and the phrase was the work of Grazia’s crack (sorry) interviewing team. And even though, if you’re anything like me and other humans, you’re far more eloquent when you write stuff down than when you have to make it up on the spot and say it out loud straight away to someone with a dictaphone.

And now I’ve gone and spoiled what would no doubt have been a highly insightful and entertaining post. And admitted that I actually spend time reading Grazia as opposed to glancing at the pretty pictures.

I swear, ninety-nine percent of the time I couldn’t care less how financially successful other people are with their writings. Okay, so ninety-five.

I wish I was Joss Whedon. I quite fancy Robert Pattinson.

*falls asleep*


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