Diary of a Wannabe Writer. Aspiring writer. It’s only about writing. Really it’s a Diary of a Wannabe Writer’s Writing. A commitment, a check-in, a log, a record. Whatever else it turns into. It’s only really for me but if you like it that’s good too.

Here’s a bit of a… well, not really a FAQ, because I’ve never been asked anything. Call it pre-emptive.

Who are you?
My name’s Anna, I’m 26 and I live in Liverpool in the UK. Besides that I couldn’t possibly say. Maybe you know me in real-life anyway?
You might know me better as thespyglass on the likes of Twitter, Flickr, Last.FM, Facebook and Livejournal.

What kind of stuff do you write?
I profess to work on poetry, short stories, novellas, novels, stage plays, screenplays, radio plays. They’re all a bit rubbish so far.
I struggle to pin down genres but my narrative-based things are generally dramatic, or supposed to be. There’s a bit of comedy in there too. I want to write more of that. With poetry, I seem most interested so far in sex, city life, war, wildlife/the environment, (what is) humanity and (what is) nature.

Why don’t you post any excerpts?
Maybe I will! Though probably not. The blog is really only for me to keep track of the work I’m doing and vent any frustrations about the process, not to share my results with the world. Not yet, anyway. I need many, many drafts before something becomes fit for public consumption and when/if I reach that point I’ll be hoping to share the thing with agent/publisher/dramaturg etc, not the netwebs.

Why don’t you detail your ideas?
Obviously because they’re all earth-shatteringly gorgeous ideas and I don’t want anyone stealing them.

But you have this other blog…
I do? Huh. Interesting. *shifty eyes*

Those project titles are crap…
I spend anything from two to ten seconds thinking them up. They’re generally working titles and are there because a) it makes it easier to blog about different projects if I know which one I’m supposed to be talking about, and b) I heard once that if you give something a title it’s harder to give up on it and that’s definitely turned out to be true for me. One of the reasons I now have about eleven projects all woodpecking to be written.

You don’t seem to write very often…
I’m always scribbling. The blog isn’t an exhaustive record, more like a round-up and headlines, kind of as-and-when. If I think it’d be useful to me to post here, I do. If not…


2 Responses to “About ‘Sleeper City’”

  1. Gregory Says:

    Pretty interesting blog you have. Keep writing!


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