Nanowrimo Retrospective

Monday, 8 December, 2008

So I ‘won’. 50,542 words of codename/working title ‘Playtime’ written by the deadline of 23:59 on the 30th of November. I actually finished at about quarter past four on Friday morning, the 28th, egged on by various people in the chatroom, and I felt great, but yet again I don’t have a complete draft. That’s got to be my target for next year, to get a complete draft in the month, not just 50,000 ambling words. And fuck, do they amble. We’ve got a past that shouldn’t be dull given what it consists of but it is, a present that I quite like but am not sure where it’s going, a bunch of inserts from a conversation between two of the characters and a couple of ‘out there’ fantasy/dream-ish scenes that aren’t particularly relevant yet, but they will be.

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I posted haphazardly to Viddler during Nano.

I also made a few journal-type notes in separate – uncounted! – sections of my Scrivener file as I went through the month. Most of my scribblings were to do with the mechanics of the thing itself or random personal musings but here’s some of the stuff I wrote about the ‘process’. (Ha.) Just a mini insight into the weirdness of Nano.

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Working in the FACT cafe

Tuesday, 22 July, 2008

They’re playing Joni Mitchell.

Screenplay: Arthouse [working title]
Finally got all the scribbled notes re. scene ideas and plotting out of my current notebook – a complete mess of journal and writing ideas – and into my Celtx draft. Almost all of them, anyway. Think I might like the thing again. We’ll see how long that lasts. Some of the notes have notes to go with them, like “Remember: this isn’t fucking Richard Curtis” and “I really need to be working on this on my laptop”. Helpful.

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